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About Tikal
An absolute fascination and deep respect towards the depths of one's heart journey - its journey opening itself and listening to itself in others. Tikal addresses peoples' power to love.

Shamanic and animistic traditions are Tikal's treasured portal to practices that are held dearly to her heart, in the ways that they convey a potent communication and creative communion to Creator

or what she calls the "SELF: Sovereign Eternal Loving Freequency"

Traditional practices have a long history of poetic communion to the Beloved, the Self, Source.

"I listen to the Body Vortex, the intelligence of it through intuitive and ancestral practices. From an early age I was raised by Javanese and Manadonese. Being exposed to the Javanese Culture, a tradition well anchored in ritualistic practices, in relationship with the unseen, and in reverence to the law of Cycles in Nature - a law of Spirit in all creation, I developed in deep listening without my knowing. Through meditation and "shamanic" practices I have continued."

My passion is to help people see their power bestowed upon them - this is find in portals of ancient and hermetic practices. I work with music, the voice and sound as medicine for remembering and activating. 

My massage sessions are an artistic expression of the delivery of medicine and a martial arts practice of moving energy and matter with precise application, intention, and the engaged meditation of the receiver.

Though Tikal's early predecesors and ancestors remain a mystery they are a well for research. She has searched spiritual family in shamans of South East China and Peru, and has blood ancestry on her maternal side coming from the Minahasan tribe in the Sulawesian island, formerly known as the Celebes who are said to have similar practices to the shamans of Mongolia and the Ainu peopls of Japan.

Tikal believes she is paternally descendant of the builders of obelisques and dolmens: the Gaules (Celts in ancient France) of the French Mediterranean. 

The quest remains wide open as the soul circuitry points to hidden ancestry, led by pathways of, and the absolute fascination towards, Persian and Turkish frequencies within the Muslim Sufism, the Mongolian and Tibet's throat singing, Bwiti traditions and the Indigo peoples (Indigo meaning Blue, or Black for the magical black peoples with the Blue Light frequency of Gods), of ancient Kemet (pre-Egypt).

Being born in Indonesia's capital city, local traditional massages were part of her upbringing, and growing up in Jakarta for twenty years has gifted Tikal with a Javanese inspired intuitive bodywork, which she combines with Polynesian and Balinese technique. Having received diverse and regular traditional massage for 25 years, the sessions Tikal offers are a fusion of carefully and thoughtfully crafted methods, combining technique with soul and most of all with heart.

In the Javanese mythology, the World Serpent or the Anantaboga dragon Tikal refers to is an archetype or spirit who has been present in her energetic family for many lives. This mythical being is helping to tune into the serpent energy within: the vertebrae, or the central pillar that our energetic body spirals and wraps around. In order to be in dialogue with this energy, Tikal becomes or summons the Garuda, the only opponent known in Eastern mythologies to be capable of handling the Serpent Naga.

This Anantaboga winged serpent archetype exists within and outside of time, and according to ancestral wisdom, also created the world Turtle from which sprung all creation, an epic story of the mystiques. 

Intuitive singing and Intuitive massage by Tikal in Victoria

Through her offerings, Tikal pays great attention to the antipod of  the palpable, the mysterious behind the veils of creation who is rebelliously slipping through grasping fingers and bending one's mind profoundly as it seeks for its truth and its challengers. In this awareness Tikal naturally guides you in choosing to gently remember through breath your own sovereignty and ability to find healing.

Be the master of your own journey. 

The Javanese people adopted bodywork as part of the culture, it is considered traditionally therapeutic and has also become a cultural habit Indonesians love to partake in.

Tikal's massage training was greatly passed on from being at the receiving end, for many years while being exposed to, and inquisitive of many traditional cultures which include Chinese, Indian, Arabic, North American, Polynesian and Tibetan. For this, she is grateful.


Moving through a session with Tikal may simply allow for release of blockages and welcome new opportunities for mind and body to keep expanding and undergo Change with less effort. Simply being the change.

Give your possibly worn out routine or tired body a fresh start. It may also support greasing your soul's propellers. Whichever choice of session or state of mind one comes to Tikal with, a feeling of having returned home will grow strong as she creates a nurturing space for one to return to a state of peaceful ecstacy


The release of endorphin by the brain, which carries the medicine of feeling good will naturally occur. This natural chemical interacts with its receptors that reduce your perception of pain. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, spicy food consumption, love, and sexual activity, and they resemble the opiates.

Tikal's approach to bodywork and soundwork greets one into a mind altering, body nurturing and soul tuning experience of remembering who we are: mighty, glorious, creative and loving beings.

Allow yourself to experience life fully and dive into your center with great care and guidance.

Naga intuitive massage with Garuda
Garuda and Anantaboga traditional painting


Whenever I need a deep tissue release my first choice is always Tikal.  We have been working together for the last 2 years and her integrity, focus, presence and skill is what keeps me coming back to her.

I am always able to get back into my body and fully relax, that is a special skill to be able to almost sleep whilst being released of your knots and tightness.  I am left feeling centred, present and in my body.  I would always recommend Tikal.

Joseph Callender, Shamanic Energy Trainer - 2016

I woke up in the morning feeling like a new woman after a magical massage the day before. After being particularly sore, it was such a blessing to find myself in Tikal's caring and powerfully healing hands.

The level of care, intuition and effort were completely unfounded in any other massage therapists - anywhere in the world that I know. So I am grateful and I'll be seeing Tikal again.

Megan Wright, Social Entrepreneur - 2015

Bodywork with Tikal is truly a transformational experience.

Tikal brings a presence and a spiritual aspect to her bodywork which creates a space for healing and self-realisation. After experiencing a number of sessions with Tikal, each time my body feels light and free, my energy flowing and balanced, and my mind clear and calm.

Tikal's dedication to her craft and devotion to her clients is masterful. I highly recommend her for any bodywork anyone is seeking, you will be seriously impressed.

Thank you Tikal, for all your wonderful work.

Miron Bogslavsky, Dip. Shiatsu, BAppSc. Chemistry & Nanotech - 2016

...thankyou for your wonderful, soulful, wisdom and grace. Your energy throughout the treatment was beautiful and your wisdom with the body was evident through each movement. I was, at times, utterly transported. I look forward to sharing space with you again. 

Tashiko - Tattooist - 2017

Having a long, deep bodywork session with Tikal is like heaven on earth. I came with a shoulder injury and overall tightness in my body, and her refined, intuitive technique instantly soothed my mind, body and soul. Not only does she provide a warm, supportive space, she helps to release what no longer serves so that you become present and are open to receiving authentic soul nourishment. Her profound Javanese technique goes well beyond anything I have experienced. What’s more, experiencing it in a yurt takes it to another dimension: it’s like coming home to yourself amid nature. In fact, ten minutes after I left my first session, my heart was bursting wide open with tears of happiness. I feel blessed to have received Tikal’s inherent gifts. 

Kristin Lee, Lifestyle & Conscious Living Writer - 2017

I have had the pleasure of receiving Tikal's healing massages for over 2 years.  She has incredible healing hands which silence the mind and increase the consciousness of the body through deep conscious touch. 

This is more than body work, it is a healing experience at all levels.  I treat myself to Tikal's work as often as I can.  Highly recommended.

Sharon Bolt Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist & Shamanic Practitioner - 2015

I’ve had chronic back pain for many years after a sporting career that involved doing silly things that were always going to come back to haunt me.

Tikal’s massages have transformed my body to such an extent that our sessions are now more about maintenance and relaxation than resolution and pain relief…and to me that is a key ingredient in what she brings to the table.

Tikal is a warm inviting soul who gives her all in every session and is so intuitive that sometimes it’s scary! Her method is unlike any I’ve ever experienced and for that I am truly grateful.

Richard King, Coach - 2014

The sacred space Tikal created allowed me to drop into my body and Spirit in a way that I had been needing for a long time. It is a rare gift indeed for intuition coupled with touch to meet one so fully in surrender and release. Her work is strong and profound, and her care for her clients and respect for the sacred is clear in all she does. I'd gladly recommend her to those I love, my own clients and other therapists. She's the bodyworker's bodyworker. 

Valeria Paz, Shiatsu Therapist & Counselor - 2016

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