Liberated Intuitive Voice

"To know something I must experience it for myself." Tikal

L.I.V.E. sessions (formerly known as Sabda Circles) are based on the
premise that vocal expression may assist us in moving energy, honouring
our emotions and tapping into the powerful language of the soul. These
circles do not attempt to present particular techniques, but rather to
lightly guide and hold space for each individual’s vocal activation. In so
doing, participants may experience a deep and powerful receptivity to the
body’s codes and memories, profound opening through the heart, and
guidance from their innermost beings. With our built-in sacred instrument
we create an inner temple of resonance, allowing the medicine of sonic
vibration to open doors to an exploration of the self - just with the
vibration of our own voices.


L.i.v.e sessions are co-created sound healing journeys involving deep
listening, toning, chanting and rhythm. They are an invitation to express
your sonic signature (your unique song) in a supportive and sacred
environment, and to weave it with others. They are an opportunity to
gather with tribe and to offer meaningful gestures towards the realisation
of self-sovereignty. Most of all, they are a space dedicated to
reconnecting with the teachings of our spirits by using our voices as
channels to our greater selves. In this way, these sessions are a means by
which we may open our own sacred dialogue with the world, the divine,
and the subtle.

The aspect of the "voice" is not only a conveyor of sound, or a chanel for the mind, the heart and the universe to communicate with meaning and energy. Tikal will invite into discussions relating to the voices in our heads, the voices of our environment and the belief systems that may be causing us to act in a certain way. What or how we think and feel is the power place that we will touch upon as it is a crucial aspect of where our sovereignty sits. 
Choose the voices that work for you. 

Come and sit with us to discover what we are made of. These are trully transformative spaces that welcome all perspectives, and point to the ones that will help you find your personal power.

L.i.v.e in Sovereignty

A gift of prayer meditation from the people to the people
Sing and voice your emotions freely
Move through hardships and sorrows, delights and wonders
Celebrate your journey
Tune in to your (ancient) self
Express an unspoken, unspeakable love
Connect with tribe

Listen to your soul

Be creative in exploring who your are

Know yourself, hear your voices!

L.I.V.E. sessions were inspired by the basic human need to gather as
community for the purposes of co-creation, healing, emotional support
and prayer. Intuitive singing harnesses the power of sound, meditation
and intention without the potential restriction of cultural meanings
attributed to existing mantras or songs. These sessions are thereby
accessible to everyone. Free from dogma and open to all wisdoms! We are here to have an open dialogue on all the aspects of our human experience!

Where is it coming from?


"Gotong royong" (got-tong roy-yong) is an Indonesian term to describe group effort. The Balinese people organize this effortlessly when the village has situations to handle. The local village would rally to fix a road or move rubble together, the community would join forces in carrying sandstone for a new temple.

This sound circle emphasizes on collaborating effortlessly to create or heal something together, that we can enjoy in the moment and bring home. The sound therapy happens from the active participation of each singing meditator, in other words they give healing to themselves. L.i.v.e in Prayer & Meditation models itself on a tribe coming together, or a choir of angels, and a spiritual practice which opens a portal to a sense of community, a sense of belonging and of connection with Spirit or the numinous. 

About the Facilitator


 Tikal De Meru's voice practice began in 2004, inspired by the fascination towards Tibetan toning techniques whilst living in a medieval city of Southern France. A couple of years later she had already engaged with time spent on the Gayatri Mantra with a Hindustani master, as a mindfulness practice and communion with divine beauty, and went to living in remote communities in Peru, where she would commune with her spirits often, sitting with local medicine and wisdom keepers of the Amazonian jungle. Unbeknownst to her conscious mind, her spirits also expected her there and had planned to remind her of gifts she is now 12 years later sharing ecstatically with the world.
 It was there that Tikal developed an understanding of the power of singing to guide the soul, and in later years see how to explore and at times transform the mental, emotional and physical states into favorable or prefered states, to translate the exquisite soul language into auditory paintings, move through sorrows and celebrate the divinity in the Self & Nature.
Now based in Australia, her passion for singing reached that new perspective after attending sound healing workshops, drum circles and finally meeting with a multi instrumentalist specializing in Middle Eastern music who initiated her first intuitive song by inviting her to lead the music.

Since then Tikal has transformed her mantra meditations into intuitive voice circles (formerly know as Sabda meditation circles) and continues to open her heart to experimenting and experiencing the wisdom of ancient self-exploration practices and the essence of tribal music from all of the world’s cultures, to bring these powerful tools intuitively into the circles, workshops and sound journeys, helping people return to their ancestral voice, their soul language and their personal power.

The sonic signatures of Turkish folk music, Sufi devotional songs, Arabic prayers, Nordic
chants, indigenous Australian songlines, the richness of the African continent's music and Bulgarian men's choirs name a few, stir deepest emotions and bring to the surface a rich
palette of sensational feelings for her to be greatly in wonderment of! 
Tikal is an avid researcher of realities and perspectives which you can tell upon the first seconds of meeting her, and looks to the practices which fearlessly explore both the palpable and untangible aspects of life, and will at most times without hesitation invite you to push boundaries of the mind and of your beingness. She now looks to her inner teacher most to carry out the message of self sovereignty !


Article about the first Sabda (now L.i.v.e) experience on by Kristin Lee

"I offer (vocal) meditation to summon the ancient self, bring forth this potent and most times dormant being as it occurs also in me. To summon the soul's song forever playing within, and to open sharing these song-gifts with our kins beyond cultural restrictions, but also to listen to the voices running our lives! who do I let rule in my mind? We open our sacred dialog with our true self and therefore the world, the divine, the subtle, and create haven for people to celebrate the omnipresent in their body by being honest."

Intuitive Voice Meditations

"It is a such an honor for me to hear people's first song especially those that have never heard their self before - it is deeply moving to say the least."

It is an opening to the true self and your Power.

"My mission is to bring back the power to the people, this starts with myself"

Testimonials of Sabda Experience

“Exquisite, liberating and heartfelt, Sabda is like diving into an ocean of serenity and pure organic sound. I’ve experienced various natural healing modalities and attended many sound meditations but this is profound; it’s like time stands still. Tikal holds an enjoyable and nurturing space of giving and receiving, harmonizing and releasing; a haven to be seen and to be heard. As someone who predominantly uses my voice through the written word, and having had an aversion to singing solo in front of others, I experienced a deep surrender and effortless reconnection to my true nature. I tuned in and tuned up.” 2016
Kristin Lee - Lifestyle Writer 

"Thank you Tikal Sermet for calling the group together.....not only was the toning and the sound bath perfect for the stillness I needed yesterday, I went deep into Meditation with the practise.... it was also lovely to sit around after reconnecting with people I knew and new faces. Social life in a Conscious way!" 2016
Sharnn Watts - Designer

"Thanks Tikal for offering and creating a safe, welcoming and indeed a profoundly deep experience to connect into and sing - or for some to experiment with - our 'song'." 2016

Aileen Orrego - NGO Program Manager

Feeling deeply grateful for the wonderfully fulfilling Sabda Circle. Tikal, thank you for sharing your gifts for all to connect; it was a beautiful experience to be a part of. I felt the web of energy completely saturate my being. Experimenting with sounds, patterns and surrendering to the sensations that came up brought a wonderful feeling of liberation. Thank you for the opportunity to come together, explore and heal through sound in this way.

Jasmin Wilson - Yoga Teacher

Thank you! I have booked for the next sound meditation already. Next year I intend to look after myself more! Thank you for your sound journey the other day I have not felt more grounded than I do now in over 12 months, what you do is truly phenomenal! 2017

Dianna Foreman - Mother of two

Thank you for honoring me with the term "brother". My sister before I came to your sound healing in September said I saw Tikal a year ago and her words were "she is the real deal", you truly are... you have a gift for healing and helping others. So glad I have had the honour to spend time in the spaces you create. They are truly special. Thank you Tikal, sister. 2017

Daniel Keane - IT Engineer

Thank you Dear Tikal for sharing powerful and precious gift at the Singing Meditation - Intuitive Voice Community Circle & Gathering. Expressing my soul's yearning and heart's desire through voice in such a beautiful warm group is so uplifting and healing. Wow! wow! wow !
And that amazing Nagini Water & Fire Massage, my body and soul were so hungry for the nurturing and healing touch. Beautiful, thankyou. 2017

Maxine Gardner - Qi Gong Instructor

I would like to thank you Tikal. The space you hold and the community you bring together have helped me tap into depths of myself that I didn't know existed... and would never have reached on my own. Eyeternally grateful for all that you are and all that you do. Nikuah nikuah nikuah! 2018

Julie Glinkowski - Yoga Instructor

Thank you for creating an amazing space to explore and play Tikal... Just 3 months ago the thought of being heard singing by others freaked the heck out of my. Love your work! 2018

Amber Ward - Life UnLtd Mentor

Private Group Circles

Organising your own group

Sit together with friends or-and family for about two hours of intuitive singing in your own space. We will explore toning meditation, warm ups and add your intentions to the sound mandala. Tikal will give exercises to drop in and play, before transitioning into improvised musical play with the participation of each meditator.

A minimum of 6 people up to 50 persons.

Please find the finer details and quotes here.

Alternatively click on the photo to contact via email.

Listen to an uncut recording of a private circle with new members and a few regular meditators
Listen to a Liberate Intuitive Voice Expression in Prayer & Meditation event


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