Tikal weaves powerful singing with improvised poetry in Indonesian and French that she translates within the meditation or speaks to after the song has ended. A natural stream of profound spiritual contemplation and exquisite wordcrafting.


Book a private concert, request a special blessing poem to be sung for your home or come to one of Tikal's events and experience a unique blessing journey of rich a deep vocals with a texture of ancient temple music and tribal reunions.

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Tikal De Meru in Music

Tikal Sermet and Travis Jekks in Melbourne

From French father and Minahasan mother, Tikal was born and raised in capital city of Jakarta. An adept of spiritual food and​ soulful connections Tikal is deeply moved by ancestral, folk,​ ceremonial music. She finds that the right music can be great medicine and holds the power of uniting people. With a multi cultural upbringing, a fascination towards and the study of shamanic traditions​, Tikal has developed an ear and polished sensitivity for ritual - great respect to all that is. ​Fr​om a rich repertoire of world music spanning from Java, Bali, India, the Middle East and South East Asia she has cultivated listening and spirituality, registering sonic signatures and essential teachings​, that she now ​prays with and invites others to join. 


This intelligence is continuously nourished by the music of the peoples of Mongolia, Persia, Afrika, and by rare and strange sonic signatures coming from very remote parts of the world. Percussive instruments, mouth harps, and Didjeridoos to name a few are as much as singing, some of her favourite mediums to help practice devotion to the Self, the Other and The One. 

Through inspirational philosophies found in Sufism, Buddhism, and Animism to name a few, Tikal feels into the space and energies around intentionally. In the Sabda or LIVE circles she invites us to offer our gifts in collaborative sound creation through the medium of our vocal chords and our heart, to make an offering with only what we have in infinity - to gift in elation to Source, to Creation - residing in each of us and celebrate raw beauty in WHAT IS by purely experiencing life moment to moment.

In Bali she received blessings from White Star who has witnessed her initiation to the Whale totem, carrier of the Akashic records and keepers of the songline essences of the Water tribe. In Peru Tikal has sat in deep listening to the healing songs of the Shipibo medicine people, and in China she has travelled along three Naxi Dongba shamans still practicing the ancient arts of communication with Nature and its people.

In Melbourne and Queensland Tikal has brought intuitive singing circles and given sound meditations to raise awareness about the importance of heart connection and how this heals towards right relationship with all aspects of the One, whilst emphasizing on the nuances of human emotions and why it is important to pay attention to them, especially the challenging ones. Tikal ushers the power back to the people and engages in the search for truth to bring back peace where there is conflict, starting with the self.

Outside of Sabda meditations or "L.i.v.e. in Sovereignty  circles", Tikal has worked with immense pleasure alongside Travis Jekks on the Tar - multi instrumentalist and soul brother, and Duke Autret, guitarist intuitive player. Tikal will sing to the sorrows, to the heart aches and to the tantalizing joys. She will open aspects of the heart to guide into an elating musical journey that inspires and allows for one to face emotions as they come, as they are. In honoring them, Tikal feels it is a way of flowing with them, of relating to oneself, of riding a wave of personal acceptance.

Recently on May 2018 Tikal has started a new collaboration with Mr Mason creating their first Sound Journey as an album titled Medicine Whale after the open channel of whales that came through, and are now putting energy towards thei project called DMTFM.

Tikal improvises a deep sound meditation and contemplation concert, singing from a soul level and drumming with instruments of the ancients. Tikal sings as though requesting for spirit guidance, she will paint a mystical soundscape and create a temple space that will allow for a profound journey into ancestral lands and soul connections. With her care for inner guidance (intuitive healing) and her passion for traditional and tribal music, celebration of the spirit of Life and deep trance states, we sit together to combine our energy into a unique sound odyssey across timelines and possibilities.. Meditating with, and celebrating from the sublime beauty of the already existing peace all around and within, respecting the challenges on our path and seeing them as opportunities for wisdom.

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