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Voice of the Solomons - Byron Bay

Natty Doloiasi & DMTFM event details here

5th of October 2018 in Myocum - 5 minutes from Byron

2 hours of deep sound meditation in the cradle of ancient Solomon songs

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Intuitive Voice - Sydney

Liberated Intuitive Voice Workshop details on FB here

12th of September 2018 in Sydney

3 hours of Mind Gardening and Voice practice into singing circles. Don't be late

Rates: Full: 60$ --- Concession/Student Card: 40$

Reservervations by PayPal to

or Bank Transfer

Bank details: Common Wealth BSB: 063104 
Account number: 1050 9321 Account Holder: Sermet Tikal

Liberate Intuitive Voice Expression

L.I.V.E. in Prayer & Meditation

March 21st until 25th 2018 in Tasmania - NEWKIND FESTIVAL

Experience NewKind bootcamp - retreat for activists from philosophers, researchers, permaculturists, poets, scientists, engineers, builders and more!
Actively participate in our empowerment. OFFGRID FESTIVAL.

We all share plant-based meals together - meals are provied, no moneys exchanged, no drugs, no alcohol and kids friendly!

Join Tikal and crew on this amazing retreat and sit with us for a soul activation, a voice meditation to summon the ancient self, to bring forth this potent and most times dormant being. To summon the soul's song, forever playing within, and to openly share these song-gifts with our kins, beyond cultural restrictions - to use them as a sacred tool for one's own creative preference. This is a portal to access one's own divine dialog with the world, the subtle, the omnipresent, and a brave new circle for people to celebrate the supreme being within, with nothing else but our voice.




Friday January 12th start at 7pm sharp.

Tikal and Katie will be improvising a sound journey, singing from their soul and drumming with ancient drums, accompanied by a collection of Tibetan bowls, dream chimes and more. Tikal and Katie happen to both work with their voices and spirit guidance, together they will paint a mystical soundscape that will allow for a profound journey. With their care for inner guidance (healing) and the passion for music or celebration of the spirit of Life in sound exploration we come again to combine our energy into a deep sonic meditation. Meditating with and celebrating the sublime beauty of the already existing peace all around and within, respecting the challenges on our path and seeing them as opportunities for wisdom.

Naga Sound Medicine

December 16th 5pm - 7pm



Tikal sings as though requesting for spirit guidance, she will not only paint a mystical soundscape and temple space through song and ritual, but will open with guided contemplation upon the powers of meditation which will guide you out of the virtual tech world depriving you of your own inner technology, and show you the way forwards and inwards to your true great self. This sound journey will be a fascinating experience that will allow for a profound journey into ancestral lands and soul connections.

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