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Treatments in Olinda & Belgrave

We are offering treatments at Elle Naturale in Olinda on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

At Ananda Hot Yoga in Belgrave on Tuesdays.

As we are excited to welcome you for a full body wellness treatment we are offering  spa packages to fit your needs and this with substantial reductions.

Make your choice today as places become limited, or contact us here to book a tailored treatment.

The Full Body Care session

Start with a half hour of Foot Massage & Reflexology, followed by 2 hours of tailored deep tissue Naga & Nagini combination massage and finishing with a magnesium foot bath while sipping organic detox tea to help move toxins out of your body after the detailed massage.

Value $320 - Offered at $250


The Full Back Body session

Start with a 90 minute massage tailored to your back and arms, deep tissue relaxing massage and finish with a 30 minute Foot Massage & Reflexology with Foot Bath.

Value $260 - Offered at $220


The Active Body session

If you have a limited amout of time, choose this Naga Fire tailored deep tissue reactivating massage packed with a 20 minute Foot Reflexology to help restore flow of energy in your internal organs.

Value $230 - Offered at $200

Please note sessions are limited to specific days only and are either mornings or after lunchs which can incur a waiting period - It is suggested to book in advance for advantage in date options.

Thank you

Special for new Parents and pregnancy

Supporting our Young Mothers & Fathers with intuitive deep tissue relaxing massage in every new born parenting for up to 2 years with 30% Discounts on all.
Contact us via email by clicking this link now to book with your 30% parent reduction benefit or use the Paypal Buttons.

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